Three Hot small plates

Choose from three different tapas: Padrón peppers, crab croquettes, tequeños, ham croquettes, cod croquettes, fried prawns, fried pasty, meatballs in sauce, potato omelette, calamari.

The wines are only decoration. They are not included.

Tapas 1
Tapas 2
Tapas 3

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Padrón peppers.

Tequeños: Venezuelan finger food filled with cheese (2,8,A,C,E)

Fried prawns.(2,8,10,14,A,C,B,D)

Crab croquettes: (1,2,5,8,10,14,A,E,B,D)

Ham croquettes: (1,2,8,A,C,E)

Cod croquettes:(1,2,8,10,A,B,E)

Meatballs in sauce: (2,8,A,D,E)

Fried pasty filled with prawns: (2,8,10,14,A,B,E,D)

Potato omelette:(E)


*The wines are just decoration. They are not included

Hot small plates
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