Iberian Loin

Sliced cured pork tenderloin from Iberico pigs raised free in the “Dehesa” of Extremadura and produced by a totally natural process during the winter months.

What is known as Acorn-fed Iberian Lomito is one of the special parts of the pig.  It corresponds to the meat found between the shoulder blades of the Iberian pig. It is the juiciest meat and one of the best parts of the pig. Only two pieces of Lomito are taken from an Iberian pig, hence its exclusivity


Delivery policy

We must bear in mind that the ideal temperature to enjoy, in its authentic taste and texture, a portion of Iberico Bellota Lomito must be between 20ºC and 22°C.

Data sheet

2x 40gr
Keep refrigerated at less than 7ºC
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