Acorn Ham

Its flavour is soft and delicate, slightly sweet at first, with surprising unctuousness of the fat melting on the palate in a sublime way.

Serrano ham comes from a white pig that can be found in other countries, while Iberian ham comes from Iberian pigs, which are native to Spain and Portugal and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. 

Unlike the serrano, the Iberian pig eats feed rich in oleic acids, the Iberian pig, in the wild, travels tens of kilometres in search of the best acorns. 

To consume a Serrano ham we need to wait 9 months of curing, on the other hand to consume an acorn-fed Iberian ham we need at least 36 months of curing.


Delivery policy

Iberico acorn Ham traditionally hand-carved from Iberico pigs raised free in the “Dehesa” of Extremadura

Open the packet and leave it open for 20 minutes. In this way, the Iberico Bellota ham will breathe.

Data sheet

2x 40gr
Keed refrigerated less than 7ºC
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